Dear Young Goddess

Dear young Goddess,

This is a gentle reminder that it is all okay.

You may not know what to do right now.  You are scared, stressed, and tired.  The pressures of growing up as astounding and divine as you are can easily weather your heart and your soul.  I know things are changing rapidly in your world, and some days it can be difficult to wrangle everything.  You are doing so much for yourself, and I see you working hard to create a life that is perfect for you.  It is really, really hard.  It’s okay to be tired.  Even if it doesn’t seem near to you, and even if you can’t make it today, I promise you that you will reach your goal.  Keep going.  I know you can.

Little Goddess, I see you.  I know you are hurting.  I feel your heartache, and your fear, and your longing to be more than you are today.  I understand.  You have been wronged, silenced, taken for granted.  You are one of many other young goddesses who have all felt the same way.  I want you to remember that you are not your experiences.  You are not your past.  You are not your failed relationships, your struggles, or your pain.  All of these things have carved you into a magnificent work of art.  You have imperfections, little flaws… but wear the marks as war paint, not chains.  Stand tall like the breathtaking warrior you were born to be.

Keep in mind, that tears are a divine tool.  Use them, do not fear them.  You have been told that your emotions are a weakness, but those who speak this are unaware of your magic and your power.  Your heart may have to break over and over again in order to open completely.  This will take tears, and heartache, but most importantly, strength.  There is wisdom in sadness.  There is hope.  And you are brave enough to show it.  Perhaps not in front of others, but just for yourself.  We all need to cry.  We all need to feel.  As tears roll down your rosy cheeks, you will move mountains.  You are working on removing the obstacles that prevent you from being your best self.  Feel your sadness, honor your divinity, and continue on.  One step at a time.

Goddess, you are still so young.  Do not mind the partnerships that have sunken like warships.  Don’t listen to the mechanical voices of your past lovers reminding you of your worthlessness.  They do not deserve your time.  Fill the shelves of your heart with kind words from yourself, write yourself love letters.  Decorate your mind with flowers.  There are cracks on the walls of your soul, but you can cover them with whatever color wallpaper you desire.

You are made of love.  You are the picture of divine femininity.  No matter what your struggles, you are capable of overcoming them.  You are a healer, a provider, a leader, a siren, a saint.  You are, and forever will be, a Goddess.

But you are still a little one, so give yourself a little time to find your way.  You, and only you, are the creator of this life.

And trust me, you will rise to the occasion of your destiny soon.


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